There’s nothing better than stumbling upon hidden gems in the most unexpected places. I was incredibly excited when I discovered Northshore and these five exceptionally talented women. They are firmly carving out their marks in their respective industries.

Erisha Reddy – Bonafide Beauty

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!”

Qualified somatologist, Erisha has been in the beauty industry for over 12 years. She opened Bonafide Beauty two years ago and has watched her sanctuary grow exponentially. It’s no secret that Erisha is a wizard at her craft; I’ve been lucky enough to have several treatments done by her. She has created the perfect peaceful spot for one to step away to, unwind, and completely withdraw from our fast-paced lives. “For me, beauty is about boosting confidence in teens and nurturing the mature. It’s about being real and meeting the most amazing people that soon after becoming friends”, she explains the nature of her work. Bonafide Beauty offers everything from soothing facials, relaxing massages, waxing, manis and pedis. “Our commitment and consistent effort are to deliver high standards for our clients when it comes to health, skin and body!” she explains.

Instagram: @bonafidebeauty_dbn

Philippa Brebner – Philippa Brebner Physiotherapy

“It is a wonderfully edifying experience to allow your intuition to guide you”.

Coming from a long line of medical practitioners and achievers who were pioneers in aspects of their fields, it was inherently in Philippa’s blood to pursue a career in the medical field and found herself carving out her own path to pursue physiotherapy. Having taught Pilates for over eight years, she has found that her teachings have become an integral part of the way she assesses and rehabilitates her patients. “The Pilates principles marry well with the principles of movement, which is what I am in essence here to do – to keep people moving, and moving well”, she explains. “I have always found that, as a physio, you attract a patient who resonates with you and who you are, which is what makes my work so rewarding. I enjoy my path – because I enjoy helping the patients who I see for the people they are as well as for the physical and mechanical problems they present to me”, she explains.

CELL: 061 015 9103

Carla Van Niekerk – Elite Health & Wellness

“Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Carla is a passionate biokineticist and practice owner who prides herself on personalised and quality care for her patients. “We use exercise and movement as our primary treatment modality and focus on what is termed functional exercise rehabilitation”, Carla describes. She finds that having a private practice allows her to build meaningful relationships with her patients and be hands-on with each of her clients. “I’m personally invested in their progress, and I benefit from seeing them get better and improve”, she expresses.

Instagram: @elitehealthdbn

Emma Hughes – Hughes Conceptual Interiors

“Work smart, not hard”.

From a young age, Emma loved visiting her fathers’ furniture factory. Her choice to study interior design stemmed from having that exposure as a child. “We are a young and dynamic firm that provides high-end corporate, commercial and residential solutions and strive for unique designs in every space that we work in”, Emma describes. “The field of interior design never stops growing and changing. I am always pushing my limits of creativity and love putting my knowledge to the test. This ensures that I keep up with the trends and allow myself to provide more innovative designs and new services to clients. I pride myself in being invested in the client and their needs and always going the extra mile to ensure that the client receives a high-quality service”, she further explains. Their services include space planning, floor plans, electrical and plumbing layouts, custom furniture design, decor selection and project management, just to mention a few.

Instagram: @hughes_interiors

Kelly Woods – The Wooden Peach, Totam

“Do what makes you happy; life is too short to be taken for granted”.

Kelly is a wonder woman who wears many hats; as an owner of multiple businesses, she has successfully run each in synergy. She understands the difficulties of starting and growing a business. Kelly has recently opened up her own events coordination business to help and support other local and small businesses to thrive. She currently spearheads the Market 031, where she has curated a safe space for friends and family to eat, enjoy, be, and browse at while supporting their local traders in the area. Kelly’s goal is to grow the business and create unique and innovative events in the 031.

Instagram: @market031