Umhlanga’s Young Up-and-Coming Males

The UmhlangaJune 29, 2020

We caught up with two talented gents as they pave their way to bright and successful futures.


Oliver Power Milne

Oliver Power Milne is a young aspiring musician who is determined to have his music heard by the world. He has been songwriting for the last three years and over this time he also managed to record his debut album in New York. “I gravitated towards writing music a couple of years ago over a time when I was really struggling. I used songwriting just to vent my feelings and find comfort in free expression, regardless of whether it was heard by anyone else or not.” Oli has always loved music and singing, and is on his way to making this his career.


After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Oli decided it was time to pursue his music career. “I think this year has been the turning point for me,” he says. The music industry is a tough one to thrive in, but it certainly is possible. In fact, Oli recently had one of his songs played on well-known South African radio station, 94.2 Jacaranda FM. As a young male artist, Oli says that the support he has received from local audiences has been amazing. “People have been so vulnerable to me, explaining what my songs have meant to them and how they have helped them in a stage of their life. For me that is what this is all about.”


When asked what the most important lesson he has learned so far in his career, Oli says that not taking things too personally is key. “Showing love is what it’s all about and support is at the forefront; by doing this with yourself and others you’ll get the best out of your own music.” As far as his hopes and dreams for the future go, Oli wants to make the best music that he possibly can. We have no doubt that Oli will succeed in all that he does. In fact, we’ll like our autograph now please!


Instagram: @oliverrmilnesongs


Avthar Aniruth

Avthar is a 22 year old entrepreneur born and bred in Umhlanga. Since he was a young child, he has always wanted to be in business, and has always been fascinated with technology and how quickly things change and innovate. When he’s not working, learning or researching, Avthar loves to travel! He started his business, Audience Networks, straight out of school, due to the increasing demand for affordable, high quality video production and content creation. HD videos, green screen technology and on-site videos and photography are just some of the services they offer.


Avthar grew up around entrepreneurs and was always fascinated by their stories. He knew that he wanted to be in a tech business that would help others. Avthar also had his father, Avilash Aniruth, as his mentor and best friend in his business journey. “He has taught me humility, respect and always says: ‘Jump and the net will appear.’” As a local business owner in Umhlanga, Avthar says that he is lucky to have had many local clients who took a chance on an 18 year old and is grateful for their support. “Being chosen as a Forbes Africa Top 30 under 30 in Business honouree last year was one of the biggest highlights in my life. It reaffirmed my belief that entrepreneurship is key to many challenges in Africa, specifically unemployment.”

This Forbes accolade has opened many global opportunities and business ventures for Avthar. “In the last 12 months I have been working on mobile apps, chatbot development and technology to help the medical and legal fraternity,” he says. Avthar’s goal for the future is to be a global leading technology company in the financial, medical and agricultural sector. He also believes in giving back to the youth and would like to start an online academy to inspire, train and motivate youth in Africa. “One of the most important lessons I have learnt is resilience. No matter what is thrown your way, it is important to be resilient enough to change, transform, adapt, conquer and forge forward.” We are excited to see where Avthar’s business journey takes him, and know that this young man will make a success of whatever he does!