Meeting Adore Design

The UmhlangaOctober 6, 2020

Tell us about Adore Design and what your company offers.

We are a bunch of friendly, dynamic interior design nerds and we set out to connect with people on what matters most: their space and how they experience it. Adore Design is a full-service interior design firm that specialises in residential projects (big and small!) and we also work in the commercial and retail sectors. Our design team is experienced in creating beautiful, functional spaces that fit the client’s personality, lifestyle and budget.


What do you love most about doing business in Umhlanga?
Umhlanga is the design epicentre of KZN. The people of Umhlanga are internationally well-travelled, have discerning design tastes and love spending time in their homes. Hence, our design team savours the challenge to meet and exceed our Umhlanga clients’ high expectations. They all start off as clients, but then most become friends, and we soon get referred to their extended family as we continue replicating all of the great work we do.


Jeanine, you are the Design Director of Adore Design. Tell us a bit about yourself and your team.

After school, I obtained a degree in interior design and moved to Ballito to join a leading interior design firm, where I spent several years harnessing my technical skills and experience. In 2017, I decided to start my own company and partnered with my business vibey friends, Sanil Magan and Mandhir Ramruthan, to launch Adore Design. Sanil oversees the entire business and is our CEO. Interior design is my language, and my clients and I speak in an accent of colours, textures, flow, light, balance and rhythm!


Who is your leading design supplier and how do you collaborate?

The magic of interior design comes to realisation in the beautiful fabrics, rugs, scatters and wallpapers. As an interior designer, who is uncompromising on quality, we use U&G Fabrics. U&G Fabrics has a national and international footprint and we can always rely on them for unmatched quality and expertise on any project.


How has the global lockdown impacted the interior design business?

Despite the obvious negatives, there have been a few silver linings to the design business. The national lockdown has brought about a revolution in the way we think and use our home. We have secured several projects where clients require portions of their homes to be converted into fully fledged office spaces. The future of the office is at home!


What interior design trends are you loving for 2020? 

My perennial design trend is to match a client’s personality with a trending design style!

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