#Fabstuff June/July 2024

The UmhlangaJuly 5, 2024

Babalu Boutique

Snuggle your little sweetheart in style with their adorable bird print baby sleeping bag. Complete with a dummy doekie and sensory bunny ears, it’s the ultimate in baby essentials. And for you, elevate your look with stunning mirror-look earrings that reflect your unique charm, paired perfectly with a chic metallic top. Embrace the trend with shimmering metallics that are stealing the spotlight! Retail prices from R139





Le Bébé Goose Iced Coffees

Indulge in the luxurious taste of Le Bébé Goose Iced Coffees! Crafted with premium coffee beans and a hint of French sophistication, their icy brews offer a delightful escape from the ordinary. Whether you crave the creamy richness of the Chocolate and Vanilla Café Latte, subtle notes of Macadamia, luxurious Mocha or ever-popular Salted Caramel, every sip is a journey to coffee bliss. Retail price from R29.99




Buffalo Trace: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Buffalo Trace is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the US and the world’s most awarded, producing its offerings using the same rigorous techniques across two centuries. Crafted from premium rye, corn and barley malt, and then aged in new oak barrels reaching maturation with aromas of vanilla and mint and a delicious palate of brown sugar and spice, this whiskey paves the way for a classic Father’s Day Old Fashioned. Retail price is R349





N3YH: Activewear Jacket Collection

Crafted with a fusion of fashion-forward design and eco-conscious materials, these jackets are your ultimate companion for staying warm in the gym. They are meticulously crafted with premium, sustainable fabrics, ensuring both comfort and durability. From sleek urban styles to beautiful prints, there’s a jacket to match each activewear set, made out of the softest, bio-based bamboo fabric which has a cooling and smooth effect on the skin. Retail price from R1200 





Pupsak manufactures high-quality dog beds and steps. Their beds come in three sizes and five different fabrics, all with washable covers. They prioritise quality and exceptional customer service. Retail price from R1200.