Celebrating Our 50th Edition!

The UmhlangaJune 24, 2020

Where has the time gone? As we take a look at all of our covers, we can’t help but think of the amazing magazines we have created over the past few years, all with the help of the Umhlanga community. Without you, there would be no stories to share and nobody to read these stores! We have shared stories about people, the locals who make our community what it is, and about local businesses, events, cars, shops and restaurants. We’ve done restaurant reviews, beauty reviews and travel reviews. We have shared love and spoken about kids, estate development, the development of Umhlanga and many other amazing stories. And this is just the beginning! While we have been lucky enough to experience a lot of what Umhlanga has to offer, there are still loads more to come!


Our team at FabMags continues to do what we do best, in good times and bad, supporting the Umhlanga community and uniting us through great stories. We will keep creating amazing community magazines for years to come, showcasing all that our beloved East Coast has to offer. Here’s to the next 50 editions!