Be Dazzled

The UmhlangaFebruary 11, 2021

There’s nothing like spoiling your partner on Valentine’s Day with a piece of breathtaking jewellery that they will treasure forever, and we know the exact spot you should visit: Mark Gold. When you take a look at what Mark Gold offers, you’re sure to find the ultimate V-Day gift that will make this Month of Love a truly memorable one.


Mark Gold 

The owner of Mark Gold, Dean Gorrie, felt that the world has changed so much that he decided to have a destination-based business model. This was influential in opening their second store in the beautiful Umhlanga Arch. “To us, the traditional big shopping malls were not in line with our strategy,” he explains. “It’s about quality, not volume.”


Mark Gold’s Morningside store has been there for 22 years. The business was created by Dean Gorrie and his brother, Mark, 32 years ago. During that time, Mark Gold had not only carved a niche for itself at the top end of South Africa’s jewellery market but set itself apart through distinctive pieces such as the famous Mark Gold flower rings and the patented PUZZLE ring.  Dean believes that these have become as good as iconic. To date, more than 6000 PUZZLE rings have been sold. “We are happy to have expanded north, introducing the flourishing North Coast market to unique jewellery.”


010 013 2116 (Umhlanga Arch) / 031 303 4417 (Morningside)

Instagram: @markgold_031