A Visit to Rome

The UmhlangaJune 28, 2024

A venue that combines the best of art, history, mythology and modern elegance, The Colosseum brings together the past and present. This function venue, within the iconic Britannia Hotel, offers a holistic experience for any event. With the Britannia Hotel dating back to 1879, the venue is rich in local and international history. We got to spend some time at this beautiful venue, to have our own mini-conference. 


Inspired by the owner’s travels to Rome, the decor features elements from the ancient world. We admired the intricate wallpaper featuring replicas of well-known Renaissance paintings adorning the walls and ceilings, with soft ambient lighting that makes you feel like you’re in the Sistine Chapel itself. 


The golden cutlery made us feel like royalty, matching the golden trimmings in the decor, shaded to look aged as if straight from the times of the empire. We were blown away by the attention to detail the team put into creating the atmosphere. Custom-made marble statues of famous historical and mythological figures in beautiful renditions surround the room, created with intricate details. Lending to its name, there is a scaled-down facade of the Colosseum in the room! 


Staff even dress up in the traditional Spartan regalia, adding to the authenticity of the experience. The Colosseum also includes original artwork painted by the owner himself, expressing his love for art and history.


This venue is for everyone, especially those who appreciate ancient cultures. Having a brief background in studying Roman history, I was inspired by the effort put into bringing an authentic experience for patrons. Seating up to 100 people, catering and decor are already taken care of. Featuring packages to choose from with a set curated menu, all you have to do is dress up and show up! 


Great food is essential to any venue, and The Colosseum did not disappoint. All of their traditional and unique dishes are prepared in-house with their expert staff. We indulged in quality, delicious appetisers and entrees made with the utmost attention to detail. Their main dishes, made from recipes crafted with Rome in mind, transported us to another world of flavour. The highlight, their distinct desserts were particularly divine! 


They have facilities with the latest technology so your presentations or family slideshows are shown clearly and professionally. With second-storey seating in exclusive areas, it gives you the feeling of a box seat at the royal theatre, able to see everything below.


Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or your company’s year-end, the team at The Colosseum is ready to accommodate your every wish, with skill and passion. 


Tel: 031 303 2266

Website: www.thecolosseum.durban

Instagram: @thecolosseumdbn

Words: Cristina Govender