Who Are We?

The UmhlangaDecember 17, 2020

Words by Jordie Smith


Each of our cities in South Africa is known for different things and Umhlanga is no exception. We take a closer look at who we really are on the East Coast, and what makes us unique.


Think Curries and Bunnies Instead of Fish and Chips

We might be close to the ocean, but beachside restaurants serving fish and chips are few and far between. However, you will find some of the most delicious curries and bunny chows here, and we also do really good peri-peri chickens. Don’t get us wrong, we love seafood and there’s no shortage of deliciously fresh prawns, mussels, fish and the likes here, but this is not Cape Town where you can enjoy sitting by the harbour while enjoying your ‘vis en skyfies’.


Come Rain or Shine, Summer or Winter, Slops Are In!

When it was announced during certain levels of the lockdown that slops were not to be sold, Durbanites were at a loss. How could they not allow us to buy our staple footwear item? Aren’t essential items allowed to be sold? Living on the East Coast means it is acceptable and comfortable to wear your slops pretty much 90% of the year, and many of us do (even to work!).



We Have Epic Sunrises

While Cape Town is known for its amazing sunsets, Durban has some of the most beautiful sunrises around! Its well-worth waking up early, making your way to the promenade, and watching the sun come up while enjoying a walk or run, followed by a delicious coffee or breakfast at one of our local spots – there are so many!


We Have Everything, and We Mean Everything!

Whether you want some time at the beach, in the bush, or in the mountains, it’s just a couple of hours’ drive from Umhlanga and you don’t even have to leave the province. With some gorgeous safari lodges, the Drakensberg, and the Midlands close by, we really do have everything right on our doorstep.



A Surfer’s Paradise

No matter what time of the day it is, you are likely to see surfers out in the waves at any beach. Durbs is one of the top surfing spots in the country and whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find the perfect waves here. Top tips for newbie surfers in Umhlanga? Be respectful of other surfers and wait your turn.