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The UmhlangaJanuary 3, 2024

“At SA Home Loans, we are proud of our KZN roots and of the significant and positive impact which we have had on the housing market across the country since our launch nearly 25 years ago.” – Rob Kelso (CEO)


The greater Umhlanga area is one of South Africa’s fastest-developing regions. It offers a unique combination of residential, commercial and tourist attractions while only a ten-minute drive to King Shaka International Airport. 


From a residential perspective, Umhlanga has an enviable spread of options. There are trendy studio and one-bedroom apartments for first-time buyers that provide easy access to premier shopping centres and adjacent business nodes. There are comfortable and convenient family homes nestled between the commercial centre and the sparkling ocean, while still being close to a wide selection of top public and private schools and excellent hospitals and medical facilities. Sprawling lifestyle estates provide another select and secure option, yet still enjoying all the convenience of living close to both an idyllic beachfront and a major commercial and shopping hub. 


All this has established the area as a sound investment from a property perspective. SA Home Loans is rightly proud of its investment in its head office in La Lucia Ridge. It is a testament to their commitment and confidence in this unique part of the country. Home buyers can find a sound investment property for every life stage from their first apartment to the ideal retirement retreat, all without leaving a prime area with an unmatched lifestyle.


SA Home Loans was founded on innovation by bankers who noticed the public were paying exorbitant interest rates on their home loan. As South Africa’s first specialist mortgage provider bringing discounted home loan interest rates, SA Home Loans opened in 1999. With its birth in KZN, the company proudly set down its corporate roots on the fast-developing East Coast.


This commitment to customer-centric innovation and its mission to change people’s lives through more affordable home ownership has been the driving force behind the company’s progress and growth over the past 24 years. 


As buying a home for the first time is most likely one of the biggest personal financial commitments someone will make, it’s a good idea to seek the guidance of a home loan consultant. The process can initially seem overwhelming, but with the right professional support, it can be relatively stress-free. 


A good starting point for a first-time buyer (and for any home buyer or home loan applicant) is for them to assess their affordability (what they can afford to repay on a home loan). This will be based on their regular income (or joint income) and whether they are able to put down a deposit. Once someone has established what they can afford, they will then be able to focus their property search appropriately. To assist in establishing this initial affordability, there is a convenient calculator on the SA Home Loans website. 


First-time home buyers are encouraged to talk with an SA Home Loans consultant who will guide them through the process and ensure that they have all the supporting documentation to effectively process a bond application and begin their home ownership journey. A link to an interest rate is offered at the time of granting the bond. They will always ensure that each applicant gets the best rate based on their circumstances. In most instances, the interest rate will be a variable/linked rate, which may move up or down depending on a number of economic factors.


The amount of the bond, the interest rate charged, the perceived risk of the customer and the term (period) of the bond will impact your monthly repayments. If a deposit is paid upfront, this will of course also have the effect of reducing the initial bond value and therefore decrease the monthly repayment amount. 


SA Home Loans is a uniquely specialist mortgage provider with an unchanging commitment to changing lives through home ownership. They have always acknowledged the importance of having sales and support staff that offer unparalleled personal service to every client and potential client so that the home loan journey is a comfortable and memorable one. Each potential homeowner has different needs and requirements, and SA Home Loans embraces that reality. 


To this day, SA Home Loans is the only home loan lender with dedicated home loan specialists. Latest smart technology facilitates the option of an online home loan application process with an ‘ask once’ commitment to the client. Once an initial application document is fully completed, they will take over and manage the process to approval and completion. 


Speed, efficiency and peerless customer care will continue to set SA Home Loans apart.