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The UmhlangaMay 27, 2022

We got an insight into the passions of a few health and beauty professionals. They gave us a range of important information from the benefits of a new smile to how to maintain youthful-looking skin.


Dr van der Linden

The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium

Helena van der Linden has a keen eye for detail and understands the balance between perfection and natural aesthetics. She believes in minimally invasive treatment and practices a holistic approach to dentistry and facial aesthetics. She is passionate about building and maintaining long term relationships with her patients.


What do you love about dentistry?

The part of dentistry that I love the most is the digital side, how it’s evolved, where we’ve come from and the fact that we didn’t study it at university. We are so blessed to have the best equipment at CDE in terms of scanners and milling units. We are excited about the CDE’s new dental lab that we, as a team of dentists, can now have complete control of the treatment we provide to our patients from start to finish.


How has going to the dentist now changed to how it was before?

Going to the dentist, back in the day, where you had to have the moulds done, go back again in 10 days, it’s going through the same agony twice. Now, it’s a very educational experience to come to the dentist; our patients feel so involved. Patients can directly be involved in the process of their smile transformation and can see what we can do by showing the immediate before and after results and digital x-rays. With just the click of a button, your x-ray is on the screen.

So from the digital side, I think that’s what has put dentistry on an entirely new technological level compared to what it used to be. Dentistry is not what people think it is anymore. It’s exhilarating, fun and exciting! I love going to work every day and using all of this incredible technology at our fingertips.


What technology are you excited about?

For me, the Cerec machine has always been a must-have since I qualified. The software is amazing. The fact that we can 3D print teeth and fillings in one visitation is the most significant upside for me regarding patient satisfaction. Getting things done quickly, efficiently, and with the best materials and technology out there makes me happy every day. I absolutely love what I do, seeing how we do it and how it wows all of our patients. It’s almost jaw-dropping to see how a patient can receive a brand new smile, printed and milled while they wait. The more you work with this kind of technology, the better you get at it, and the more familiar you are, the faster you can work.


Dr Ehlers

Aesthetic Options

Francois Ehlers is an emergency medical practitioner whose journey into aesthetic medicine focuses on full facial rejuvenation, thread lifting and sexual health. He is very passionate about what he does and answers a few questions about Aesthetic Options.


What do you love about your industry?

Aesthetic medicine requires a degree of creativity and artistic flair to execute outcomes that meet patient expectations. We love that we’re able to address the issues that make people feel self-conscious about how they look and feel, and through a range of treatments are able to offer a solution to cure them of their insecurities and allow them to be their most confident self.


How can people benefit by visiting you and your clinic?

Our strong focus on a holistic, individualised and integrative approach to aesthetics and anti-ageing can benefit you. Backed by decades of experience, our highly qualified doctors have received international training and truly are specialists in their fields. We offer an advanced selection of minimally invasive aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments, including genetic testing and personalised medicine to avoid any “cookie-cutter” results.


Do you offer any niche treatments?

 Yes! Our clinic has a special focus on sexual health and hair restoration.

Sexual medicine is still considered to be taboo, even in modern society. However, as awareness of the available treatments expands through positive and sometimes life-changing experiences, we’re finally seeing interest growing in this exciting field of medicine. Our treatments are not only focused on sexual dysfunction but also cater for sexual enhancement. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma derived therapies, are among our most popular.

Our clinic has also partnered with Scalpture Robotics and now offers the only Robotic-Assisted Hair Transplantation procedure in the country. The technology provides a more accurate and efficient way of harvesting follicles to restore hair loss. This innovation has reduced the time required for procedures, improved the healing process and, most importantly, reduced the potential of damage to surrounding skin and hair follicles.


What is your mission in the business?

At Aesthetic Options, we understand the importance of natural-looking skin, and we want to assist our patients in attaining the fresh-faced beauty that comes from having skin that is well looked after and maintained. For this reason, our Aesthetic Doctors and Skincare Specialists work together closely to maintain a science-based yet luxurious aesthetic skincare clinic.

We aim to address biological ageing that may manifest as a face, body or hair concern, hormonal imbalances or functional fallout. Our multi-dimensional approach not only focuses on the external manifestations of ageing but also addresses these problems internally using the latest in medical advances to empower our patients to lead a life filled with vitality and vigour.

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