The Medical Man Cave

The UmhlangaJune 14, 2022

A new generation of performance enhancement.

For the most part, modern-day males have started paying greater attention to their health and wellness. Realising the importance of self-preservation and the benefits of a healthy mind and body, we have seen an increased focus on nutrition, exercise regimens and, particularly, grooming. This is a step in the right direction for men, but what about the concerns not often discussed? When the matters that contribute to confidence are out of sync, your performance can be affected. Drs Vincent and Francois Ehlers are here to help optimise men’s health by aiding with the more taboo topics of libido, intimate performance, hair loss and facial aesthetics.

We live in a time when there are conflicting opinions on what masculinity is and how it should be expressed, and we have differing views on what the ideal appearance of a male should be. This can all be confusing, but we are certain that having self-confidence looks and feels good to all of us. We have evolved our facilities to manage the aesthetic needs of both males and females while ensuring comfort, discretion and satisfying results.


Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant:

We have an undoubtedly emotional attachment to our hair, which makes losing it distressing. However, you are not alone! One in three men is affected by hair loss before the age of 35. The best advice is to seek medical assistance early and avoid the disappointment of self-remedies. Hair loss can be caused by a wide range of conditions, making a targeted approach vital to an optimal result.

The Ehlers Docs specialise in diagnosing, treating and restoring different types of hair loss. Dr Vince is an internationally certified hair transplant surgeon and provides medical and surgical solutions for hair restoration, such as regenerative therapies, FUE hair transplant and ARTAS iX robotic hair transplants.

Facial Aesthetics:

We apply our Prevent, Preserve and Restore motto to men of all ages. Although facial and hair grooming has always been an essential part of a gentlemen’s appearance, the element of skin ageing has been overlooked. Taking a minimally invasive approach, we help maintain skin quality and texture, promoting collagen production and enhancing facial definition. Our goal is to ensure you look your best to be able to perform at your best.


Intimate Enhancements:

Intimacy is an essential element of human interaction and relationships. Sexual health focuses not only on managing dysfunction, such as the loss of libido or erectile dysfunction, but also includes enhancements to improve desire, performance, and satisfaction. Our treatments include penile augmentation and enlargements, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and hormone balancing. Men can be assisted with optimising their function, performance and sexual well-being and allowing them to be confident in all aspects.

Dr Francois Ehlers and Dr Vincent Ehlers have created a comfortable and discreet space where men can be empowered in all aspects of life within Umhlanga, PearlsMED and Aesthetic Options facilities.

Words: Drs Vincent and Francois Ehlers