South Coast Living

The UmhlangaFebruary 10, 2023

From fresh starts to exciting new chapters, Renishaw Hills is the perfect setting to enjoy what ought to be the summer of your life. Set on the pristine mid-South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, an award-winning home in their established village gives you the chance to live the holiday whilst celebrating the best of indoor and outdoor living, just as Mother Nature intended. With loads to see and even more to do every single day, their beautiful location, thriving community and busy events calendar keep the mind and body active so that you can stay forever young!


The choices you make, make you. This is why Renishaw Hills is passionate about helping you make the one that’s right for you. With quality and affordability coming standard no matter the home type you choose, the refusal to compromise on finishes and value means a high-calibre coastal lifestyle that’s happy, healthy and completely convenient.

The truth is, things are going south and we couldn’t be happier. Many retirees are turning to the South Coast for greater value.

The developers of Renishaw Hills are committed to providing quality homes for residents whilst preserving the distinctive natural environment and uplifting the local communities. This means that all shareholders respect the same eco-conservation principles they are governed by. Partnerships with local businesses allow them to make a tangible impact on the area, which is something that they will always be passionate about.


Every home and facility at Renishaw Hills has been carefully positioned to maximise the views and promote the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living. With stunning coastal forest and Indian Ocean views, they have selected orientations that celebrate the South Coastal splendour at every opportunity. Over the last few years, they have watched proudly as the first few phases of Renishaw Hills were completed. Today, over 250 delighted residents call Renishaw Hills home.

As part of the highly anticipated and newly formed Renishaw Coastal Precinct, this village is part of a much bigger picture that works seamlessly to deliver the height of coastal investment, lifestyle, and convenience. This is why owning a home at Renishaw Hills yields some promising returns in terms of finance, happiness and overall living.


Be part of this ever-growing family of happy residents who have found their new beginnings at Renishaw Hills.