Opportunities For Investors

The UmhlangaFebruary 10, 2023

The EB-5 Regional Centre Immigrant Visa Programme has been given long-term reauthorisation, which is great news for families looking to emigrate to the USA. The EB-5 Regional Centre Immigrant Visa Programme is now valid until 30 September 2027 and requires an investment of $800 000. There are 10 000 EB-5 Visas available each year for foreign investors, which allows the investor and their family to obtain US permanent residence. The EB-5 programme has many advantages as it does not require an offer of employment or for the applicant to have a particular background, education or experience.


More good news is that the option for concurrent filing is now in place, which allows applicants to be lawfully present in the United States while their immigrant visa applications are being adjudicated. The programme now provides a fast-track, concurrent filing path for applicants to apply while in the USA that avoids the wait outside of the USA. This overcomes a major hurdle for many since the applicant can now obtain an unrestricted work permit and a travel permit after a few months. This is great for South Africans who want to move quickly after emigrating as this allows applicants to get into the USA within four to six months instead of the usual approximate three years.

South African-based company American Dream are South African promoters of the EB-5 process. They have extensive experience and knowledge in this area. The Johannesburg-based company is able to assist interested South African investors with every phase of their relocation to the USA. Founder and CEO of American Dream, Stuart Ferguson, explains, “American Dream has partnered with industry experts in the USA and South Africa, such as Caleo Capital and Pam Golding International. Caleo Capital is a family office with representation in South Africa and the USA that assists with important pre-immigration tax planning and potential tax consequences of being a Green Card holder. American Dream also works closely with Pam Golding to look for projects in the USA that resonate well with South African investors.”

American Dream can advise investors on the best options available for them, which in some cases may be for EB-5 investors awaiting adjudication to consider the likes of an L1 Visa to fast-track their ability to relocate.