Love at First Flight by Jo Watson

The UmhlangaJanuary 26, 2024

Love at First Flight is SUCH a charming and refreshing rom-com. It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with both Pippa and Andrew as they find their way through the fake dating shenanigans to admit they are head over heels for each other! A personal book for Jo too, as she writes about a character who is on the autism spectrum, after receiving her late in life diagnosis.’ – NIC CAWS Senior Commissioning Editor Headline Eternal

‘Delicious romcom and a genre I personally call autistic-uplit meet in a perfect match. I loved this book‘ GAIL SCHIMMEL – Bestselling Author

‘A complete joy: funny, charming, heartwarming and insightful‘ PAIGE TOON

‘Sizzling, sexy and great fun – the perfect holiday read’ SOPHIE COUSENS


Two problems. One fake dating solution. And a crash landing into love…

Things Pippa enjoys: her job, airplanes, synonyms and tropical fish.

Things Pippa does not enjoy: repeating patterns, tight clothes, people asking why she’s single and school reunions.

After four months of only speaking over intercom, when air-traffic controller Pippa Edwards finally meets pilot Andrew Boyce-Jones face-to-face, they discover they’ve got much more in common than simply working at the same airport.

In fact . . . they both need a date.

Tired of every relationship ending before it’s even begun, Pippa wants to evade the inevitable questions at her dreaded ten-year school reunion in Cape Town. And Andrew needs to get his well-meaning family off his back about settling down.

The solution seems simple. A pact – a fake dating pact – for as long as it’s mutually beneficial. It’s perfect.

Or at least it would be if their very real attraction wasn’t about to make Pippa question everything she thought she wanted. . .


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