Local Paradise

The UmhlangaMay 20, 2022

Take a deep breath of ocean air, soak in the sun and enjoy some #goodtimesandtanlines at the Surf Motel.

As you step foot into the Surf Motel, your mind flatlines and starts to play “Island in the Sun” by Weezer. I’m not kidding.

The Surf Motel brand and concept was established in 2017, taking an outdated holiday accommodation and breathed a fresh, cool, modern surf look and feel. The motel fits its beach theme. Not just because it’s a stone’s throw away from the pristine sandy shores, but it’s decorated with shades of Indian Ocean blues, sand-coloured accents, and uses bamboo bathroom accessories to exude a “surf-ocean-beach-life-vibe”. Let’s not forget the communal lookout deck for those fantastic sunrises, watching the surf, or enjoying a cold one. We were welcomed into tranquillity and guided through a little pathway shaded by beautiful Frangipani trees and up a few stairs to Chalet 6, the penthouse, our home for the next two nights.


As you enter the penthouse, it is lit by natural light pouring through the windows. The placement of the windows allows for a sea view from one side of the chalet to the other, and the best view of the sea is from our very own private balcony! Surf Motel set up a lovely wooden welcome message on the table decorated with frangipani flowers and sweets, which added an extra personal touch to our stay. The chalet is airconditioned, perfect for the summer heat, and offers two bathrooms and bedrooms. Both with double beds, and the main room has an en-suite bathroom. The lovely open plan living makes the chalet look brighter, feel bigger and allows you to have a sea view even from the kitchen while making your morning cuppa. The chalets are fully self-catering and well-equipped with appliances, convenient utensils, and daily turndown service.


As its name suggests, surfing is a common sport to enjoy, either watching or participating there at the Surf Motel. The motel is situated directly in the middle of a 5km stretch of beach made up of sandbars, reefs, and a right-hand point catering to all levels of surfers. I didn’t take my board with me, but the surf looked fun, and a few people were already out at the crack of dawn.



Cristina and I decided to wake up early to watch the sunrise on our first morning there. I have an intense love for sunrise and sunset. There is always something magical about the sun. We enjoyed our morning coffee and the serene views before heading down to the communal lookout deck to watch some fur friends going on their daily walks. Afterwards, we relaxed to the sounds of crashing waves before going out for a bite to eat. The Surf Motel not only has a lovely beach walk to many restaurants but an epic tuk-tuk that you can hitch a ride to and from restaurants. Of course, we took the tuk-tuk. I mean, who wouldn’t?


We were told about Surf Motel’s best option to get a good cup of coffee or something to eat, Foam Coffee. Situated on Umdloti’s beach boardwalk, they have the most stunning beach views to enjoy while having breakfast or lunch. We wanted to experience it ourselves. We indulged in their creamy frappes, and I had their fresh chicken tikka salad, which was perfect for a hot summer’s day, and Cristina had their delicious chicken pesto wrap. They were not shy about filling the dishes with lots of flavours.


If you have been to Umdloti beach, you know you can find the best swimming spot in the rock galley on the main beach, yet the rocks are the most satisfying to see. These jagged, coral-like shaped rocks make you feel like you aren’t in South Africa, more like on an exotic island. That’s mostly what Umdloti and its beaches feel like, somewhere completely different.


Staying at the Surf Motel allowed us to relax entirely and start and end our days spent there soaking in the sun and breathing in the ocean breeze. It brought a sense of peace of mind and time to chill, enjoy and be present in nature.



  • They are the only Surf Motel in Africa.
  • Within walking distance to multiple restaurants.
  • Tuk-tuk service.
  • Seamless online booking and self-check-in.
  • Clean and comfortable beachside accommodation.

Words by: Kai Coates

Tel: 060 519 2137

Email: info@surfmotel.africa

Web: www.surfmotel.africa