Let’s Get Thrifty!

The UmhlangaOctober 6, 2023

Embracing Sustainability and Style


There is something so beautiful about thrifting (currently the fastest-growing sector in the fashion world!). At its core, it embodies a commitment to sustainability. The fashion industry, known for its environmental footprint, faces issues like excessive production and clothing ending up in landfills. Thrifting breathes new life into forgotten garments, extending their lifespan and reducing their carbon footprint. It also challenges the notion that fashion must be expensive, empowering people to experiment with styles while staying financially savvy.


Thrift stores offer a treasure trove of hidden gems, from designer labels to unique vintage pieces. The best part is that each second-hand item possesses its own charm, history, and character. By embracing thrifted finds, individuals create outfits that reflect their individuality and become a canvas for self-expression. This is why Thrift Therapy sparks conversations and showcases a discerning eye for eclectic tastes.


Meet the remarkable Rachael. With a background in public relations and corporate administration, Rachael has always had a passion for fashion. This love for fashion runs deep in her family, as her father was once the department head for textile and fashion design at Natal Tech and her brother worked with Levi in both South Africa and the UK. Growing up in Durban, she never could have imagined that she would one day have her own small shop.


Thrift Therapy has become a haven for women seeking high-end international preloved clothing. After experiencing the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachael found herself in need of a new direction. Recognising a gap in the market, she decided to open an upmarket ladies’ thrift shop in Durban North. She finds joy in the process of curating diverse and high-quality items for her shop, ensuring that every customer can find something they love.


However, Thrift Therapy is more than just a shop, when Rachael chose the name for her business, she had a deeper vision in mind. Thrift Therapy is a sanctuary where women feel relaxed, comfortable, and completely themselves. They not only try on clothes but also open up about their lives while having fun. The shop fosters self-love, empowerment, and support, leaving customers with a sense of unity and positivity. The relationships Rachael has built with her customers and their love for the shopping experience are the most fulfilling aspects of her business.


Thrift Therapy is situated in the beloved Peppermint Palace. While Rachael doesn’t know much about its history, the house has stood as an icon in La Lucia since its construction in 1972. Its distinct feature is its peppermint-coloured exterior, with various shades being used over the years. According to local rumours, the sale agreement stipulates that the house must always remain a shade of peppermint green. Another fascinating rumor suggests that ships once used the house as a landmark, though its authenticity remains uncertain. 


The four-storey house has seen multiple owners, and the area where her shop is located was originally a movie theater as well as a fully mirrored bar, which serves as the perfect spot for photos! The old bar counter now serves as her shop counter. As told by Rachael, the house has double-volume Italian Carrara marble floors at the main entrance, along with hanging and wall sconce chandeliers adorning the space. The bathrooms maintain their original 70s tiles, creating an eclectic mix of yellow, green, blue, and pink. Undoubtedly, the most captivating feature of the Peppermint Palace is the breathtaking view of the ocean, overlooking the entire cityscape of Durban, including the Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Bluff.


As Rachael’s journey continues, she aims to further grow Thrift Therapy and positively impact the lives of women. With her eye for fashion and commitment to empowering women, she has created a haven where fashion, sustainability, and personal growth intersect. Visit Thrift Therapy to find your treasure and bring joy to your wardrobe!



Words: Kai Coates