KZN Property Development’s Leading Lady

The UmhlangaFebruary 23, 2023

Being a female leader in the property development industry is tough, and with a tenure of almost 30 years in the property development game, Pam Naidu’s commitment to her career has meant she has taken every challenge in her stride – and succeeded.  Pam, Director of Sales and Marketing at Devmco Realty, leads her sales team successfully and inspires and motivates others with her determination and tenacious nature.

The property development industry is a fast and challenging environment, dominated heavily by males.  Pam has had to be adaptable and flexible in the industry she is in. “There is never a dull moment. I constantly have to rearrange my diary, and I’ll always make time to have a cuppa with a client,” says Pam.

Devmco Realty strives to be the market leader in real estate service – always conducting ethical business practice, showing integrity, being proud of the long-lasting relationships they have built, providing personal and professional service, being accountable and showing exceptional teamwork.

Over the last seven years Pam and her team have been responsible for taking 5 major Sibaya projects to the market and have had a resounding success in every single one.   “In my career I can proudly say I have been a part of some historical sales launches” says Pam. “OceanDune Sibaya was the first project in Sibaya to go to market which I spearheaded and sold out 90% on the day,” she adds. Pam currently manages the 5 projects in the Sibaya precinct – OceanDune, Pebble Beach, Gold Coast, Parc, and Salta Sibaya, with Salta Sibaya being the group’s latest project which is showing enormous success to date.

As Pam says, Devmco Realty exudes a fantastic company ethos, demonstrates great teamwork, and has amazing support from the shareholders. “Director of Devmco Group, Charles Thompson leads by example, and is truly one of the best I have worked with in the industry,” Pam adds.


“The property industry can be demanding with long hours, but that comes with the territory. It can be extremely rewarding if you put in the effort, get a great mentor and join a reputable real estate agency. If you see your future in property, work hard and be prepared for sacrifice. You have to love what you do, be a people’s person, keep abreast with the latest digital technology as it is an integral part of the job as is marketing, and be honest. Get educated and get a real estate license,” advises Pam.

Pam is a dedicated wife and mother and works hard to achieve everything she sets out to achieve. “My late Dad, Moon Dhaver, had the kindest soul. He was humble yet bold. He was a very successful farmer and held so much knowledge. I mirrored his leadership skills and I am who I am because of him,” Pam concludes.  Pam epitomises the values of Devmco Realty, which are integrity, professionalism and expertise and offers her clients personalised and honest service.  Her experience ensures she is able to offer her clients expert advice and support them to make the best decisions with regards to property.