Good Hair Days

The UmhlangaJanuary 3, 2024

Umhlanga is known for humid weather and, personally, my hair doesn’t love it. Having naturally curly and frizzy hair, it doesn’t stay styled for long and takes me at least 45 minutes to straighten! Reflecting on my hair situation, I thought I’d speak to ghd, leaders in hair styling products, about their products and their latest advancements in hair styling technology. 


Founded in the UK in 2001, ghd merges science and innovation to create the most luxurious and advanced hair styling tools in the world. From hair dryers and hot brushes to curlers and iconic stylers, ghd has expanded its ranges and offerings to cater for all types of hair and styles. They offer the freedom to express yourself with your hair – curly, straight and everything in between. 


The ghd Max Professional Wide Plate Hair Straightener styles hair in half the time and guarantees straight and smooth styling from root to tip on thick, curly or very long hair. Being busy and constantly on the go, touch-ups are necessary. The ghd Unplugged Cordless Hair Straightener is perfect to carry with you, and not to mention adorable. 


Of course, you may want to add some movement to your hair and curl it instead. Both their Thin Wand and Creative Wand give you beautiful bouncy curls. You’re sure to turn heads with those fabulous hair flips!


When styling with heated tools, protection is a major factor, so ghd has developed “power couples”: products to use with their tools to ensure the best styling results and hair protection. For everyday heat protection, their Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray is perfect, reducing the damage done by constant styling. For maintaining that hold, their Curly Ever After Curl Hold Spray is here to make sure your hair stays. Paired with a ghd curler, they are unstoppable. Rehab Advanced Split End Therapy is great for repairing damaged hair, sealing split ends for up to 10 washes. 


Styling your hair from wet to dry has always been a big topic in the hair industry, and through the ghd Duet Style Hot Air Styler, this is now possible! This is the first two-in-one hot air styler that takes your hair from wet to styled, and with no heat damage. Using Air-fusion™ technology, the tool “channels an ultra-concentrated airflow through a bespoke drying chamber, expertly designed to work in combination with four smart low-temperature styling plates to efficiently dry and style hair.” I can definitely see this new innovation saving time, letting you skip the drying part and get “straight” to styling. See what I did there? 


Don’t let the fear of frizz hold you back from conquering the summer – ghd has got your back and the little flyaways in front!


Words: Cristina Govender