Getting Your Glow

The UmhlangaDecember 11, 2020

Words by Lorinda Scott


Any time you can get to help your skin, it’s an opportunity to grab. Dr Kayla Andrew from Aesthetic Options invited me into her office to have a quick chat about my skin wants and needs, and from there we decided that we would start with RF focusing on my face and neck and end off with a gentle peel and light therapy.


Radio frequency (RF) using the amazing Alma Accent Ultra Radio Frequency and Ultrasound is suitable for all skin types and patients wanting a non-invasive method to improve skin tone and tightening, using electric energy to heat the skin’s deeper layers without damaging the surface of the skin.


The heat induces the stimulation of elastin and collagen production and encourages cell turnover, helping the skin to become firmer and thicker and giving it a rejuvenated appearance. Radio frequency treatments are painless, non-surgical and efficient and require no downtime, which means it can be a lunchtime procedure that can range from 10 to 45 minutes.


Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and bulldog jowls on the face and neck are commonly treated and improvements can be seen after four to six sessions. You can resume your daily activities after a session without aftercare. RF can be combined with other treatments and done before fillers, Botox and threads. RF treatments also target: skin resurfacing by firming and tightening body areas, body contouring using both ultrasound and RF, treatment of scars and acne scarring (even if the patient is on Roaccutane), cellulite, stretch marks and muscular pain.


I popped back over to Dr Andrew to start my Mesoestetic Lactic 30% Peel. This is a great peel for a skin boost, exfoliation, rehydration and improving your skin texture. It has very little downtime, and the skin may flake a little but often not much. About two or three days after the peel, your skin will feel smoother and look cared for. During summer, they generally avoid deeper, more invasive peels as it is difficult to avoid the sun and follow the correct post-peel care. The peel is so ‘light’, very gentle and easily handled, with little to no discomfort.


We then ended off with LED light therapy, which was the first time I have had this treatment. Immediately afterwards, my skin looked less tired and, three days later, it has a gorgeous new glow.


We opted to chat about the interesting Vampire Facial for a future treatment date, as it is a bit more invasive, has a few days’ downtime, and is not ideal over summer as I walk daily and the sun exposure wouldn’t be great for my skin. The Vampire Facial, also is known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), uses revolutionary technology to use your own blood to help regenerate and rejuvenate your skin, giving you age-defying results. PRP is the part of the blood that is rich in growth and repairing, which is essential for tissue regeneration and healing. During the process, collagen, elastin and new blood vessels are increased, and damaged skin is repaired. It is an excellent skin-rejuvenation procedure that can be done at any time of the year and is great for all skin types.


The visit gave my face a little perk-me-up which was a fabulous to-me-from-me holiday gift!


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