Gateway’s Amazing Maze Is a Feast for the Imagination

The UmhlangaOctober 12, 2023

Open now, Gateway’s must-visit new attraction, the Amazing Maze, leads visitors on an excursion through an exhilarating journey of contrasting environments created by a kaleidoscope of shapes, spaces, graphics, lighting and mirrors.

“The Amazing Maze is a whimsical escape full of unexpected delights,” says Michelle Shelley, Marketing Manager at Gateway. “Our creative team has conceptualised an incredible immersive experience, playing with scale, dimensions and perspective. Entering the Amazing Maze is an invitation to push pause on reality and unleash your imagination.”

Visitors meander through the selfie paradise on their way from the entrance to the exit. Pics snapped among the backgrounds, props and fantastical situations will leave friends guessing where on earth you are! For content creators, it’s a sensory overload.

“There are added elements of surprise in the Amazing Maze,” says Shelley. “By finding and scanning strategically placed QR codes within the maze, visitors can unlock chances to win exciting prizes from our wonderful tenants. Plus, by participating in the Amazing Maze social media promo, they can qualify to receive one of a limited number of booklets with enticing value-added offers available at Gateway,” says Shelley.


More about the Amazing Maze

The Amazing Maze is entered through an ethereal blue and white Cascade Tunnel, which draws visitors into a play on relativity. Finding oneself in the enigmatic Escher Realm, the mind says “up,” when you can see that it’s down. Every conceivable direction intertwines and stretches into infinity.

Journeying on, adventurers reach the surreal expanse of Warped Reality, where time and space unravel and wonder takes over.

Field of Dreams is a dreamscape of enchantment, mystery, and snap-ready scenarios.

Stepping into the House of Cards, visitors are suddenly in a larger-than-life card game, where appearances are deceiving and the amble is ambushed by strategy and surprise.

It’s worth taking time to capture loads of enviable amazing selfies in the Plush Room, a luxurious statement of designer comfort.

Next thing, we’re playing in a Techno Tunnel and you’re going to be in it. It’s a brief traverse through the captivating digital realm before venturing back into awe-inspiring reality.


Know before you go:

  • Tickets: Access is controlled but entrance is free.
  • Time limit: 15 minutes from entry to exit. You can always join for a second round.
  • Ages: Suitable for all ages. Children under 12 must be supervised.
  • Rules: Please no eating or drinking in the Maze, and no tampering with its elements.
  • Times: Open during mall trading hours
  • Location: cinema Level