Let’s go on an adventure to discover the tastes of Umhlanga. Our town is so diverse, including everything from Indian to Italian! They’re all there, just waiting for you to come to try them out.


A Little of France

Château Gâteaux have been creating exceptional handcrafted quality cakes, pastries and treats since 1997 – that’s right, it is their 25th birthday this year! Every masterpiece is lovingly made with fine ingredients in their world-class, certified pastry kitchen right here in Durban. From their Daily Delights to their Celebration Creations, they offer a variety of trusted quality baked goods for every one of life’s special moments.


If you are looking for inspiration this year for your family Easter table, then try one of their medium creations stacked on a large cake for a real WOW effect! Pictured here is their deliciously moist and velvety Caramel Velvet. Château Gâteaux have perfected the art of sealed-in freshness through their fresh-to-frozen process, guaranteeing that just-baked taste experience and exquisite quality in every bite.

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From the Amalfi Coast 

Grimaldi’s is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle. The menu explores contemporary ways of paying homage to Italy’s timeless flavours, combining a unique personal touch of innovative dishes and classic service. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from fresh seafood to a comprehensive range of classic Italian dishes. The excellent wine list includes local, as well as international wines to enhance your meal.

If you’re a regular, you’ll be familiar with Grimaldi’s ever-changing board of unique speciality dishes. Be sure to sample one of these, such as the ‘Wild Thing’ – delicate phyllo pastry interlayered with beef fillet, cream cheese and strawberries marinated in red wine vinegar and black pepper with springbok carpaccio. Finished off with honey and black sesame seeds. It’s perfection on a plate! While Grimaldi’s will undoubtedly treat you to one of the best dining experiences in Umhlanga at any time of the day, a late afternoon view of the Umhlanga coastline outside on the terrace is pure magic!

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Flavourful India 

“Ruciyana” translates to “delicious” in the Tamil language, and this restaurant offers nothing short of it. Ruciyana is a premier and authentic restaurant that has been proudly serving the Umhlanga Rocks area and beyond since 2019.

Since then, its mission has been to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambience with skilful cooking into one extraordinary dining experience. Situated at the famous Protea Marriott Hotel in the Umhlanga Village, on the balcony overlooking the warm Indian Ocean.

Ruciyana is one of Umhlanga’s most popular curry restaurants. Specialising in authentic Durban-style curry and other international dishes paired together with South African wines or fruity cocktails. The lamb and prawn curry served in various ways are the most popular dishes. Not forgetting that crispy panko prawns, which are loved by so many.

Instagram: @ruciyanarestaurant


Our Very Own Mexico 

Picture driving down Lighthouse Road towards the renowned Umhlanga Village as you face the shimmering Indian ocean. Your gaze shifts and now focuses those eyes on this landmark.

Bright Vegas-style lights, and there she stands – one of Umhlanga Rocks’ finest restaurants,  Mexicola Tequileria. Close your eyes as you embark on a wild journey around the world and visualise Mexicola’s signature sushi and the finest Mexican food that this earth has to offer. The rest are just copycats.

Wash this all down with their famous cocktails and a few generous servings of the world-famous Don Julio 1942. We love our “patrons” this much. Their renowned Durban executive chef conjures up the “dia du meurtos” and Mexico’s renowned chefs of past and present to deliver an authentic “mexican spirit” from his kitchen onto your plate and then straight into your mouth.

They strive for consistent gastronomic evolution, with their chef creating a combination of traditional sushi, to a mexi/sushi fusion that will leave you absolutely gobsmacked and wanting for more. It will become an addiction. The menu features terrific tacos, tantalising tostadas, mind-blowing burritos, quesadillas, and a sushi menu that will take you places you have never been before. “This is Mexican with an attitude, and we make our own rules!”

Instagram: @mexicola_tequilaria


Cuban Infusion 

Expect a splash of Cuba, a dash of plantations and a slice of KwaZulu-Natal colonialism. This is where South Africans celebrate birthdays, men propose, business people cut deals and families love to eat together. The glass entrance is so elegant and inviting; it truly sets the tone. Tall floor to ceiling mirrors are dotted throughout to create that luxury feeling of spaciousness; the brass accents and white dining room chairs added to the restaurant’s comfort. Indulge in the wine and dine atmosphere when we see some lovely hearty dishes served to fellow customers.

Voted as the Best Steakhouse in South Africa by Wolftrap in 2015, you can expect world-class grills and seafood served with the very best of local South African wines. A visit is not complete without trying their exceptional steaks. Served with great sauces and your choice of vegetables, mash or fries to accompany your meal.

Instagram: @littlehavanadbn


Portuguese Taste of Escape

Inspired by Afro-Porto fusion cuisine, the brand’s organic evolution has led to its current positioning, the taste of escape. It is a multi-sensory brand that is built around customer experience.

In other words, dining with them delivers high quality and tasty cuisine with an exceptional atmosphere and high service levels. Visiting this restaurant is like a mini holiday, a break. The energy within the restaurant is abuzz with excited chatter and music-sometimes live, flowing through the atmosphere and the people. Their variety of meals, from seafood grills to vegetarian dishes and delectable desserts, will definitely keep you coming back time and again. Don’t count out their creative and innovative range of drinks to choose from! They have taken well-known “classic” cocktails and added their signature Mozambik spin to them and original recipes that you must try.

The food complements the ever-festive ambience with its rich flavours, vibrant colours and enticing aromas. Their combos are certainly a force to be reckoned with. The quarter chicken and medium prawns, with your choice of fries or hearty vegetables, basted in either garlic, lemon and herb or peri-peri sauce. Sure to satisfy that craving for flavourful food.

Instagram: @mozambikrestaurants


The Sandwich of New Orleans 

The ‘Poor Boy’ sandwich is a mixture of French Creole and local New Orleans flavour. Po’Boys Durban brought the concept of the Poor Boy sandwich to South Africa in 2017 at local street food markets with their iconic food truck. By 2019, after travelling throughout South Africa with their food truck, they had their first store.

They offer international fusion flavours to a South African audience by serving gourmet sandwiches with high-quality ingredients, flavour profiles and experiences in a casual takeaway situation.

A Po’Boy sandwich consists of a handmade roll with a crusty outside and soft and fluffy inside with a generous filling and sauces, all made in-house with traditionally inspired recipes. Many traditional and well-known sandwiches worldwide have been recreated, such as the Philly Cheese, Louisiana Classic, Cuban and Popeye sandwiches. Others include Kentucky style fried chicken, Bombay, and Chinese inspired flavours.

Instagram: @poboys.umhlanga


Flavours of Greece 

Established in 2006, Mythos has become renowned for its authentic Greek cuisine, and ‘authentic’ is not a term to be used lightly.

Mythos offers guests a selection of traditional Greek meals with beautiful wines and cocktails that complement the delicious food. They have something for everyone; a wide selection of meze, crisp salads, fresh seafood or juicy steaks grilled to perfection. Their meze platters are perfect for sharing, and vegetarians will find many suitable options on the menu. The slow-roasted lamb kleftiko is an authentically Greek dish of tender lamb shank served with roast potatoes – ideal for the autumn days to come! Otherwise, their prawns are legendary and perfect with a glass of chilled rosé on a warm afternoon. End your meal with crispy, traditional baklava or layered ekmek kataifi, a Greek coffee, or a decadent Bougasta milkshake.

At Mythos, they love to share the warmth of Greek culture and tradition and look forward to welcoming you for a truly memorable occasion!


Instagram: @mythos_umhlanga


Turkish Flair 

Sofra Istanbul exceeded all expectations and left us inspired to learn more. The owners, Zorah, who is South African and Ismael, who is Turkish, met in London and came back to South Africa together. Zorah was mentored by her Turkish mother-in-law, whose recipes inspired their menu. She was taught real Turkish village cooking, and it shows in the different variety of food they offer. They opened their first restaurant five years ago in the Pavilion Mall food court and were overwhelmed by the customers’ want for a sit-down restaurant. And so, two years later, they were approached by a landlord who wanted them on Florida Road. With a hard struggle for funding from banks, they still had to open their doors on Florida Road, and during COVID, they managed to open their third branch in Umhlanga.


Their authenticity comes from offering a real Turkish village experience. Think of it as a Turkish trattoria! Owned by a family, with the owner running around making social conversation, a belly full of laughter and ensuring everyone is experiencing his love for his mama’s recipes made with love. Another factor that makes it authentic, apart from the recipes and interior, is that they use traditional Turkish plates for their grills. And all their meals are made from scratch every morning!


They have many popular meals. For example, their chicken shish, which is popular all over Turkey, is based on an eastern Turkish recipe that is more flavoursome. Another is their gozleme, a pastry filled with potatoes, parsley, cheese, and some chilli that is famous in Ankara, the owner’s hometown. We went for a tour of Turkey’s different tastes and dishes from eastern to western. We can’t forget their authentic Turkish coffee because they use the same ancient method of brewing it over an open flame to continue the same old traditions. They also have Turkish tea, which is a very popular drink in Turkey and is offered to you even when you are in a shop as well Turkey is the highest tea consuming country per capita in the world!

Instagram: @sofraistanbulsa